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Web Content Filtering

Internet access has become a requirement for today's businesses, but the unregulated nature of the Internet can easily conflict with the code of conduct businesses may wish their employees to follow. This most commonly shows up in conflicts with employees browsing inappropriate websites or playing games at work. This can result in a loss of productivity and can cause an unprofessional image of your company to be portrayed.

SiliconUnlimited can help you control your employee’s web browsing habits by setting up a web content filter for your offices. This filter allows you to block certain types of sites with say adult content or even block specific sites such as, while allowing other work related sites through.

The content filters are updated regularly insuring as new sites come online they are blocked or allowed through, without a need to micro manage the filter. The updates are handled automatically, on a subscription basis, much like antivirus software. The control coupled with the hands off support of this technology makes it very popular with companies of all sizes.

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